Team Forms for Registration


For Medical Release forms: You should already have Medical Releases for each of your players through your own club.  You don't need to fill out new ones - Just fill out the Coach's Verification Form confirming that you do have Medical Releases - which you should have with you at any and all games(league or tournament).  If, for some reason you do not have a Medical Release for each player, link to a blank one is in column to the right
We will not have a thousand blank forms at registration!!
  1. Medical Release - Bring your club or team medical release forms for us to verify OR fill out the coach certification of medical releases on the right
  2. Official State Certified Roster - A copy of your official state or provincial roster to be kept by us- write in the names of guests and their jersey number at the bottom and cross off those players not attending
  3. Player Passes -  You must provide a player pass or book (Canada) for us to verify against the official roster.  You need to have these at each game for the referee if requested.
  4. Permission to Travel Form - If traveling from outside NYSWest district.
Please complete all the forms and bring them to registration.    You do not need to mail anything in before registration.

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