Tournament Headquarters

The tournament headquarters will be located at the North French Soccer Complex, 1700 North French Road, Getzville, NY 14068. Telephone numbers for the Headquarter staff will be handed out to the teams at registration.

 Teams entering the tournament MUST indicate on their application past record, level of play and division they are placed in for their current league. AIM will require any Premier or Canadian Rep A team to play up one age level for appropriate competition.  This tournament is appropriate for club travel teams, recreational travel, Canadian Rep B or C or Regional league teams and placement will be made to reflect that.  Failure to properly indicate the level of team strength may preclude admission to the tournament.  Any misrepresentation could result in disqualification at tournament time. Please contact the director for further information.

 Registration and Player Eligibility

 Team Registration

·       The coach, or a representative from the team, is required to register their team on Friday, June 3rd  between 5 and 9:00 PM at the Village Glen Soccer and Tennis Center at 162 Mill Street, Williamsville 14221 OR Saturday June 4th starting at 7:00 am at Tournament Headquarters (North French Soccer Complex, 1700 North French Road, Getzville, NY). 

·        If you plan on registering Saturday morning, please leave yourself enough time to get to your game if it is not at North French.

·        Provide a local phone number and cell phone number and name/location of hotel, if applicable, of the designated contact person who can be reached at any time.

·        No changes to the roster are allowed after check-in.

 Teams from the US (USYSA or US Club Soccer) must present:

1.   An official State Roster. Guest players can be written in at the bottom with names of absent players crossed off.  Jersey numbers MUST be listed on the roster.

2.   Valid player passes that match the certified roster.

3.   Medical Release for each player OR Coach signed Tournament Medical Release form

4.   Permission to Travel Forms, if from outside NY State West.      



1.   An official Provincial team roster which includes name, jersey number, date of birth for each player. It must be signed and stamped by the local soccer association registrar. Guest players can be written in at the bottom of the roster with the names of absent players crossed out. Each player on the roster must have a valid player book.

2.   Players’ jersey numbers MUST be listed on the tournament Team Roster.

3. Medical release for each player or Coach signed Tournament Medical release form

   Player Eligibility

Only players listed on the approved roster at registration on Friday night or Saturday morning may play in the tournament.

·        Maximum of fourteen (14) players for age groups U-9/10 (playing 7 v 7)

·        Maximum of eighteen (18) players for age groups U-11/12(9 v 9 play) andU-13/14(11v11)

·        Maximum of twenty-two (22) players for U15 through U19 (ONLY 18 CAN BE ON THE BENCH FOR EACH GAME IN GAME JERSEYS). This is in accordance with the expanded roster rules of our state association.  You may have up to 22 players listed but, the referee will enforce the 18 active players on the bench rule for each game.

Three (3) guest players per team are permitted and they are required to have the same documentation as a regular player.

No player can play for more than one team in the tournament. The oldest player on the roster determines the age group you play in.

 Age Groups are as follows:

Age Group*                                        Max Roster                     Ball size

U-19 Born on or after 8-1-1998               22                                    5

U-17 Born on or after 1-1-2000               22                                    5

U-16 Born on or after 1-1-2001               22                                    5

U-15 Born on or after 1-1-2002               22                                    5

U-14 Born on or after 1-1-2003               18                                    5

U-13 Born on or after 1-1-2004               18                                    5

U-12 Born on or after 1-1-2005               18                                    4

U-11 Born on or after 1-1-2006               18                                    4

U-10 Born on or after 1-1-2007               14                                    4

U-09 Born on or after 1-1-2008               14                                    4

 *Combining of age groups will be done at the Tournament Committee’s discretion, if needed.

 Game Rules

 1.  Teams

  • Home teams are determined by the team listed first on the schedule.
  • If there is a conflict in the uniform colors the home team will be required to change jerseys.
  • Both teams are required to locate their players’ "bench" on the same side of the field and opposite from the spectators. Please seek the referee’s approval in advance for any desired exceptions.  No coaching activity during the game should take place from any area outside of the immediate vicinity of the team’s "bench" area.

 2.  Player Credentials

  • Player passes will be checked against the team’s certified league roster at team check-in.  If requested, a certified roster must be presented to the referee (or appropriate field marshal) prior to each game.   The jersey numbers worn must match the numbers indicated on the roster.
  • Passes for players receiving red cards during the match will not be returned by the referee at the conclusion of the match (see also section on suspensions).

3.  Prevailing Rules

  • The tournament will be played under the Laws of FIFA, USYSA and NYSWYSA unless otherwise stated.

4.  Modifications – Notes on the Laws of the Game

          1.  Duration of Games

  • Games for all age divisions in the preliminary and final rounds (Saturday and Sunday) shall consist of two 30-minute halves with a five minute half-time period. Ties will stand and there will be no tie-breakers or overtime periods in the preliminary rounds.  Finals will immediately go to penalty kicks to determine a winner if tied after the two 30 minute halves.

 2.  Substitutions

  • a player may be substituted on at a stoppage of play with the permission of the referee (NOTE: Tournament regulations may limit when substitutions may be made by specifying specific stoppages in play when substitutions can be made (ex: at goal kicks and corner kicks, on your team’s throw-ins, when a player is cautioned); otherwise substitutions may be made at any stoppage only with the permission of the referee, and


  • If the age group is 15 & under, free substitution is allowed. For age groups 16 years and older, free substitution is allowed providing the tournament is not an official competition (but a friendly club tournament) and the age category does not include matches between national teams of CONCACAF member countries.


  •  per above rules:  If FOREIGN TEAMS (CANADIAN) are accepted to play in the tournament, and they are deemed Provincial teams, FIFA LIMITED SUBSTITUTION RULES will be enforced for ages 16 + in accordance with USSF regulations.  If a National team, 16 or older is participating, only six (6) substitutions are permitted.



  • Substitutions shall be performed from the midline at the following stoppages of play, with the permission of the referee:
  • after a goal
  • at half time        
  • prior to any goal kick
  • after an injury at the referee’s discretion
  • prior to your throw-in       
  • on a yellow card for the carded player

  3.  Field Size for U10 & U11 and U12 Field (NYSWYSA rule)

  • All tournament play for the U 9/10 age division will be 7 v 7, including the goalkeeper, on a field with maximum dimensions of approximately 60 x 40 yards, with modified goals.
  • All tournament play for the U11 and U12 age division will be 9 v 9, including the goalkeeper, on a field with maximum dimensions of approximately 85 x 50 yards, with full sized goals.

 4.  Equipment

  • Players can play with casts provided they are wrapped or of soft material, with permission from the referee.
  • NO screw in cleats are allowed


 5.  Suspensions (Red and Yellow Cards)

 a.   Yellow Cards

  • Players receiving 1 yellow card during play are not required to leave the field of play.
  • Players receiving 2 yellow cards in one game are awarded a red card and subject to all rules concerning red cards.
  • Yellow cards do not carry over from one game to the next.

b.   Red Cards 

  • A player receiving a red card during play shall be removed for the remainder of the game and will be suspended from play during the next tournament game.
  • A coach receiving an ejection during play will be removed from the field and the location of the game for the remainder of the game and will be suspended from the next tournament game, they are not allowed within the location of the game during their suspension.
  • A player receiving a second red card during the tournament is prohibited from further tournament play.
  • All red cards will result in the loss of one point from team standings.
  • A red card for violent conduct may result in elimination from further participation in the tournament, as determined by the tournament director in consultation with the referee.
  • After a red card is awarded, the coach must surrender the player’s pass to the referee who will give it to the tournament director. It will to be brought to the scorekeeping tent by either the referee or field marshal, and can be retrieved after the suspended game is served.
  • A red card received in the final game of the tournament, which precludes the player being suspended in the tournament, will be sent to the State Office for dispensation.  This will require surrender of the pass and the State Office coordinating suspension and return of the pass to the team’s parent organization.  No exceptions will be made to this policy.
  • All red cards will be reported to NYSWYSA in the post-tournament report for tracking.

  6.  Early Termination of Play due to misconduct

  • If the referee terminates a game for misconduct by the coach, players and/or spectators, the referee will record the score, minutes into the match, explanation, and the names and/or jersey numbers of those people responsible. Representatives for each team must report to the main tent immediately.
  • The tournament director with the aid of the discipline committee will determine disciplinary action and penalties as well as the game outcome. Offending teams can expect to lose points in their standings. The tournament director will determine the outcome of the match for each team: win loss, draw, or forfeit.

 7.   Tournament and Match Schedules

  • All teams are offered 3 games – which in normal circumstances will result in two teams playing a fourth game as a championship. Two games will be played on Saturday and one on Sunday. Some local teams may be scheduled to play a Friday night game.  The tournament committee will do its best to schedule games with a three (3) hour separation.   ALL FINALS WILL BE PLAYED ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON starting around 2pm.

8.   Game Schedule

  • Matches will be played between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM.
  • No reschedules permitted by the teams.
  • See also the section on forfeits.
  • In the event of inclement weather or unplayable fields, the tournament committee reserves the right to shorten or reduce the number of games and/or reschedule games as deemed necessary. Any schedule received prior to team registration on Friday should be considered preliminary. Only that schedule posted online by Thursday night before the tournament shall be considered final.


9.   Early Termination of Play due to Weather

  • If a game is suspended due to weather problems, field conditions, or other situations beyond the tournament’s control, after completion of the first half, that game shall be considered complete and official. If a game is temporarily suspended for any of the forgoing reasons before completion of the first half, each team involved must check with the tournament headquarters for instruction. We will make every reasonable attempt to provide shortened games or rescheduled games.  Please realize that this may not be possible.
  • Once the tournament begins, there are no refunds for any reason.



10. Format

  • Each age group is played as round robin or two divisions.  The two top teams in total points in the age group or divisions within the age group will advance or the bracket winners will advance.
  • If there are an odd number of teams, there may be a round-robin with no finals and winner being chosen based upon total points (i.e.: 5-team groups).  In this case, each team will play 4 games instead of three.
  • In the event of a tie at the conclusion of regulation play, penalty kicks will be taken until a winner is determined.

 11. Referees

  • All referees are certified by USSF. Three (3) man systems will be used in all age groups.

 12. Refund Policy

  • Once accepted into the tournament, there are no refunds.


13. Forfeits

               A forfeit is declared when:

  • A team does not show up for a match. A grace period of 5 minutes beyond scheduled kick-off time or the completion of the preceding game, whichever is later, shall be allowed before a forfeit is declared.
  • A team has less than 7 players after the 10-minute start time grace period, 5 players for U9/10.
  • A team is playing with illegal players.
  • A team abandons the game.
  • A team’s conduct creates an early termination of the game.

If a match is forfeited, a score of 1-0 (win) is awarded to the winning team and the forfeit is noted on the game report.

14. Standings

Standings will be posted at tournament headquarters as soon as possible after the conclusion of games, and posted to the web site as soon as possible each day.

A.   For Preliminary Rounds:

Standings within a group shall be determined on the basis of the following:

  • Win - 3 points 
  • Draw - 1 point
  • Loss - 0 points 
  • Shutout – 1 point winning team (no points for 0-0 ties)
  • Red Card (Violent) – Minus 1 point


B.   Tie breakers

  • Winner of head-to-head games
  • Most games won
  • Highest total goal differential (maximum of 4 goals per game)
  • Fewest total goals allowed
  • Most shut-outs (not counting 0 to 0 ties)
  • FIFA penalty kicks to be conducted at a North French field one hour after the tied teams’ last game (of all in contention) on Sunday.

 C.   Match and Score Reporting:

  • Referee completes game reports after the completion of each game. The game reports are given to the Field marshals at each venue. The field marshals will call the scores, any cards (yellow & red) into the Scoring Administration area at Headquarters. When all the scores have been received for the playing period just completed the Scoring Administration will update the web site and scoreboard located at the Headquarters field.


15. Protests

  • Referee decisions are final and are not subject to protest. Protests pertaining to violations of the tournament rules or the Laws of the Game must be submitted in writing to the protest committee at tournament headquarters within one hour of the game’s completion. A $100 cash bond must accompany each protest and is refundable only in the event that the protest is upheld by the protest committee. The protest committee will review the protest within one hour of submission. The decision of the protest committee is final.

16. Conduct

  • Coaches have total responsibility for the conduct of their players, coaching staff, and team spectators. At no time shall foul or abusive language or misconduct be permitted at any field or other facilities being used for the tournament. The referee has the authority to eject coaches who are either unable or unwilling to control themselves or their sidelines.   Spectators must stay behind the designated line or at least 2 yards from the touchlines.


17. Awards

  • All U9/10 players will receive a participation award.
  • Players on the Champions and Finalists teams within U11-U19 divisions will receive awards based on the outcome of the championship game immediately following the game.


Do’s and Don’ts

  • All of the fields are located on town or school grounds that have formal policies restricting, alcohol, and fires.
  • Please, no tailgate parties, camping, cooking, smoking, or alcohol on premises. 
  • Parking at some fields is limited. Please park in the designated areas and walk to the near-by fields, or car pool to your game.

The tournament committee works very hard to provide you with the best facilities and the best level of competition for each division. We promise to do everything that we can to ensure that players and spectators have the most positive soccer tournament experience possible.

The tournament Director’s interpretation of the foregoing rules and regulations shall be final. The tournament director reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the tournament, including modification of rules.


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