Age Matrix - What group is my child in?

Starting September 2018 through August 2019

Age Matrix - What group is my child in?

To simplify determining the age group, just subtract the birth year from the year the season ends.

Birth Year Season Matrix  2018-19

(Season programs begin September 2018 and end August 2019)


Birth Year                     Age Group      Programs

2016                                  3U          Soccer Shots

2015                                  4U          Soccer Shots

2014                                  5U          U6  

2013                                  6U          U6/Camps

2012                                  7U          U8 House League/Camp

2011                                  8U          U8 House League/Camp

2010                                  9U          Travel/U10 House/Camp

2009                                  10U        Travel/U10 House/Camp

2008                                  11U        Travel/U12 House/Camp

2007                                  12U        Travel/U12 House/Camp

2006                                  13U        Travel/U14 House/HS Camp

2005                                  14U        Travel/U14 House/HS Camp

2004                                  15U        Travel/Coed HS House &Camp

2003                                  16U        Travel/Coed HS House &Camp

2002                                  17U        Travel/Coed HS House &Camp

2001                                  18U        Travel/Coed HS House

2000                                  19U        Travel 

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